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MrBenidorm Records

Our Record Labels Include:-

MrBenidorm Records

Soundblitz Records

MrBenidorm Radio

This Radio Station is owned and operated by Soundblitz Records

Broadcasting 24/7/365

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Musicians on our labels

Our Independent record labels cover all genres of music and all decades from the 1950’s to present day.  Our artists are drawn from all over the world including the UK. USA. Italy. Sweden. Spain and many more.

We are registered with PPLUK the UK sound recording database, our recordings are sold as digital downloads and are also streamed on all Premier Music Retail sites worldwide.

Our Radio Stations

Broadcasting over the Internet for over 15 years, 24 hours a day. We add unknown artists to our play list together with the more well known ones. Our unique blend of easy listening music, pop, country some classical and folk offers something for most people. We don’t run advertisements and we don’t chat… we just play music constantly.

Access the radio by clicking the picture above or a slimmed down version from the menu navigation at the top of the page.

Ryan Dior

Wild Wild Angels

Cory Elrod

Rick Wild


Mike David

Jonathan James

Nancy Bryan

Dave Vernon

Internet Radio