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Our Independent record labels cover all genres of music and all decades from the 1950’s to present day.  Our artists are drawn from all over the world including the UK,USA, Italy and Sweden. We are registered with PRS for Music the UK Sound Recording Database and our records are sold as digital downloads on all Premier Digital Download sites, including iTunes, Amazon,etc. More information on our Artists can be found in our Gallery

Our Radio Stations

We   have   broadcast   via   the   Internet   for   over   nine   years   24   hours   a   day.   We add   unknown   artists   to   our   playlist   together   with   the   more   well   known   ones. Our   unique   blend   of   easy   listning      music,   pop,   country,folk   and   some   classical offers something for everyone, with less talk and more music  Radio Station Player and other Information
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Our Record Labels include:-

MrBenidorm Records Soundblitz Records Our releases can be found on all premier digital download sites. Links to some can be found on our Links Page
MrBenidorm Records

We Broadcast 24 hours a

day, less talk more music.

We syndicate to the following:- RadioWhitedove
Our Radio Syndication
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